Tri-Color Pasties

Tri-Color-PastiesTri-Color Pasties


  • 2 pounds of spinach
  •  2 pounds of carrots
  •  1/2 pound of minced meat
  •  Salt
  •  Black pepper
  •  Red pepper flakes
  •  1 egg
  •  3 filo pastry
  •  oil
  •  1 onion

Wash and finely chop spinach, put oil in a pan and sauté the onion, add spinach and sauté for a while. Stir in salt, black pepper and red pepper flakes into roasted spinach and mix all of them and then leave to cool. In the second pan, sauté grated carrots until it soft with oil, stir in salt and pepper and leave to cool. In the third pan, sauté ground beef thoroughly, add salt, black pepper and red pepper flakes. Lay the filo pastry on the, lubricate on the first filo pastry, spread baked spinach on the filo pastry, and then lay second filo pastry and lubricate again, spread the cooked carrot, lay the third filo pastry and spread the ground beef, and then fold both sides of filo pastry inwards slightly. Enwrap from the other edge in the form of rolls, cut in half and place the tray, apply on egg yolk, cook at 450 degrees. After cooking, slice and serve.

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